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GLD Partners, LP is a global alternative investment management firm.

We deploy our capital and our expertise as value-oriented investors in private equity, credit-oriented capital markets and distressed assets. Since 2003, we have relied on this investment philosophy by allocating capital in a strategic manner designed at creating value throughout economic cycles.

    GLD is committed to increasing diversity in its workplace that provides all employees and service providers with the opportunity to achieve their full potential. We know the important role that diversity (whether it be gender, ethnicity, or experience) plays in developing a deeper understanding of the world and of the communities and companies in which we invest. This more robust understanding informs our risk-taking and decision making which translates into results for our partners. Among our specific steps toward increasing our focus on diversity include: Professional training and development programs to increase awareness of diversity and the unconscious biases that may interfere with our decision making process; Development of programs and employment benefits aimed at retaining and developing GLD’s female and underrepresented populations; Enhanced recruitment efforts to source diverse talent for our team; and Communication of of data and insights to GLD’s Executive Management Team to ensure greater transparency and accountability in our diversity-related efforts.
    GLD recognizes the importance of environmental, social and governance (“ESG”) issues in investment process. As a result, we regularly monitor our efforts with respect to ESG considerations. In 2020, GLD became a signatory to the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment. These Principles are supported by a global network of asset managers, investors and service providers committed to integrating ESG considerations into their investment and ownership practices.
    Our decisions – no matter how big or small – are always done with a strong sense of integrity and propriety.
    Our work is driven, shaped and motivated by an unwavering commitment to excellence.
    Our efforts are solution-driven and include creative, innovative and unique techniques that embody our values as well as the desired end-result.
    Our team is comprised of the best and brightest people, across multiple disciplines, backgrounds and experiences.
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