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GLD Partners, LP to Donate Medical Supplies to Support COVID-19 Treatment Efforts

LOS ANGELES, April 13, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- GLD Partners, LP, a Los Angeles-based investment firm ("GLD" or, "we") announced today that it will direct its factories based outside of the United States to immediately begin production of medical masks, gowns and related equipment for delivery to the United States to assist in COVID-19 treatment efforts.

Daniel Gordon, Managing Director of GLD, stated: "In the midst of this global pandemic, we all must work together to address the immediate medical needs of those suffering from COVID-19. To this end, we are pleased to have the opportunity to work with our international factories to set aside prior production orders in favor of producing medical masks, gowns and supplies for immediate shipment to the United States. We are all being called upon to do our part to help our communities recover from this devastating virus. We hope that this undertaking will make a difference in the lives of healthcare works and patients who desperately need this equipment."

GLD's portfolio companies have interests and contractual relationships with factories throughout Southeast Asia and North Africa. GLD has already directed these factories to suspend prior orders and to instead begin production of medical masks, gowns and related supplies. Initial shipments are expected to begin by April 12, 2020. These shipments will be routed to hospitals and medical centers in Southern California and all manufactured items will be donated at no cost.

Nicole Mallek, GLD's Global Logistics Manager, stated: "We are incredibly grateful to our factory and logistics partners who are helping to make this massive undertaking a reality. We are aggressively ramping up production volumes and have secured the necessary logistical arrangements to begin deliveries as soon as possible."

GLD personnel have reached out to Southern California area hospitals and medical centers to facilitate the delivery of these goods upon their arrival in the United States. To the extent that other healthcare facilities and institutions have a need for such medical supplies and equipment, they are invited to contact GLD at

About GLD Partners GLD Partners, LP is a private investment company with holdings in securities, real estate, operating companies and other asset categories. GLD seeks to opportunistically deploy its capital and apply its investment management expertise to undervalued assets and asset categories with an aim toward long term value creation.

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