Strategies – GLD Partners


Our Strategies

GLD Partners, LP is a global alternative investment management firm. We deploy our capital and our expertise as value-oriented investors in private equity, credit-oriented capital markets and distressed assets. Since 2003, we have relied on this investment philosophy by allocating capital in a strategic manner designed at creating value throughout economic cycles.

GLD Partners, LP has an active and diverse distressed asset investment practice. In addition to working with businesses that are engaged in a formal reorganization under the US Bankruptcy Code, we oftentimes partner with a distressed firm to help it avoid the costly and unpredictable reorganization process. Our firm has had significant success and extensive experience in the distressed asset and credit marketplace. Our team of seasoned professionals bring a holistic viewpoint to each situation and designs an investment approach that maximizes the preservation of value and the creation of long term opportunities.

GLD Partners, LP maintains a significant investment strategy focus on US and International fixed income instruments. With a primary focus on non-investment grade debt and structured finance, our investment focus anticipates total returns from both current income and long-term asset value appreciation. In addition, our firm’s approach to the fixed income marketplace has always been opportunistic and has included holdings in preferred stock, convertible bonds, real estate related-debt, mezzanine debt and collateralized debt obligations.

GLD Partners, LP is dedicated to an investment focus on long term value creation. Nowhere is this focus more present than in the acquisition of interests in operating companies and assets. Our firm seeks out investment opportunities in a variety of industries and markets – especially where such opportunities would yield synergies for all parties involved.

Since our focus in long term, we prefer to “partner” with existing management teams to help them execute their business strategy. We believe that access to capital should not be the starting point for a business plan; instead, the strength of the business plan should dictate access to capital. To this end, we seek to properly capitalize and position acquired companies so that they may execute their business strategy and enjoy the long term value creation related to same.